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The Best Adware remover! Update Of Ultra Adware Killer!

Hi There! It’s been a long time since I posted something and UAK and UVK have been updated A LOT lately so I decided to do another review of only Ultra Adware Killer this time.

Please note that this is just a review . Click here If you’re looking for the best adware remover!

Or Here to check UVK latest version!

OK so, now Ultra Adware killer has another tab called “Malware” that will show you the infected files that you have on your PC.

Here is a picture of the newest version of Ultra Adware killer:

Ás you can see, in the new tab “malware”, the infected files are checked by default and it indicates the threat level of the malware and it’s type(Heuristic , trojan, conduit, adware etc). You can uncheck the ones you don’t want to delete.

How does it work?

The Malware scan scans the autorun entries, memory modules, services, and other operation system areas where malware usually hides. By doing this, all kinds of malware are “caught on the net”!

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False Positives and Whitelist:

Some few good software can also appear while running the scan(false positive). if this happens you can select this file or program, click right mouse button and then click “Whitelist this item”! By doing this, the item you sended to the whitelist manager will not appear anymore if you run the scan again. I think it’s very useful the Witelist manager and don’t worry UAK does NOT have a lot of false positives.


When online, the application will also use the VirusTotal services to scan files not present in its definitions. Another good feature, right?

At the end of the scan:

AS you can see, after the scan is completed you can also select some fixes to help clean and boost your pc after deleting the adware and malware!

After selecting the fixes you want to do, check the other tabs to see if there are more adware to delete or programs selected you want to keep and just click on the X button “Clean”!

I suggest you to check “Create Restore Point” mark so if anything goes wrong( deleting a good program for example) you can use “System restore” feature of windows, later.

WHat do I think of this Update and new features?

Well as I said on the last Review; it’s the best Adware remover! I think it’s an awesome feature, (malware scan and UAK it self) well elaborated and a very complete adware and malware removal tool!

So that’s about it guys! What do you think? DO you like UAK? Do you think it’s a good adware remover? Do Comment down below please and thank you for reading this!

Oh! By the way don’t forget to check UVK’s latest version I think it’s a very awesome and complete program as well and if you download it, you can have access to Ultra Adware Killer trough there! Dont’t forget that Ultra Adware killer is free!

Thank you all!