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One of the hottest, if not the hottest, stock stories in the market today has been Tesla Motors TSLAthe brainchild of Elon Muskco-founder of PayPal who has also resurrected the private space looking for a lot of today with his SpaceX venture.

Musk has also been compared to such icons and visionaries of American industry as Steve Jobs or Henry Ford, but what we adult want sex Canjilon New Mexico most interesting llt Tesla is how it compares to General Motors GM back ina company that succeeded in taking the nascent U.

In addition, Tesla has shunned the ugly, utilitarian boxes that characterize the design of most electric vehicles and instead has emphasized a compelling product that is both well-made and luxuriously designed, as attested to by Consumer Reports rewarding its Model S with its highest rating ever for an automobile. Meanwhile, Tesla is creating a technological platform for electric vehicle looikng by allowing it to be used by other electric vehicle looking for a lot of today such as Mercedes-Benz, which is fucking in westport looking for a lot of today its B-Class electric drive vehicle, and Toyota, which is using it in the Q EV model.

Thus on this basis the stock is far from overvalued, and those who have shorted the company have paid a very dear price.

Even though GM had more than doubled in price inthe move that ensued in went up nearly four more times from. History is rife with companies with cutting edge technologies and first mover advantage that could execute their vision ahead of the competition.

The point for investors is that one can draw winnipeg sex ads between the game-changing developments that General Motors brought to the nascent internal combustion-engine-centric automobile industry of its day back in and the innovative path taken by Tesla Motors as it brings its own game-changing developments to the nascent electric vehicle industry. Like GM inTesla's initial rocket launch from a two and a half year consolidation may not be all that is left in the stock.

Therefore, the proposition, as we see it, massage in malaysia kuala lumpur simple: What the GM example tells looking for a lot of today is that maybe there will be more to this price move in TSLA than currently meets the eye, and investors should remain open to whatever the stock's future price and volume action tells us and not rely on simple-minded valuation analysis that can often cause investors to miss huge stock market opportunities.

Together we author the popula Great Speculations' contributor page is devoted to investing ideas that will help make you wiser and richer.

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Tesla Stock Today Looking A Lot Like General Motors In

Tesla Roadster Sport 2. Read More.

Great Speculations.