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Why do guys hit it and quit it

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I truly receive the most pleasure from pleasuring. As for the spoiling and pampering part, I want to shower you with chocolate, champaign, flowers, Victorias Secret apparel, foot and back rubs, mboobiesages and anything else you desire.

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Why not be upfront about your intentions? Why do guys hit it and quit it culture is rampant, so tell us your intentions from day one.

That way, we can either choose to participate in something casual or you can move on to a woman who wants what you want — just sex. Do you even care about any of the heartbroken women best gay online dating site leave behind? All we did was believe the best in you and all you did was give us the very worst of you.

She has been blogging for over four years and writing her whole life. Originally from Michigan, this warm weather seeker relocated to the OC just last summer. She enjoys writing her own fictional pieces, reading a variety of young adult novels, binging on Netflix, and of course soaking up the sun.

By Sarah Burke. By Averi Clements. By Lyndsie Robinson. Bottom line.

You are married and you are mad that a guy hit it and quit it? Sounds like your ego is hurt that a man actually was smart enough to stop messing with a married whore. Yes you are a slut I read your dhy this is what you typed.

Why do guys hit it and quit it I Wanting Couples

It why do guys hit it and quit it a whhy because we work together and I'm married. You probably had your ego boosted because why do guys hit it and quit it thought he would chase and once he ignited your ass your ego was broken. So if you read on, you'd know I'm in the middle of a divorce, and believe me, my ego is whh in tact. He's the insecure child. I don't want the hassle of him wigging out because we work together and he's acting like a high school boy. I'm concerned about the level of maturness and our careers.

He's not a real man, he is a little boy that can't handle responsibity and he is afraid to be a man. This guy makes the rest of us guys look bad. You should know better than to cheat on you husband. So both of you are in the wrong. I read you were getting a divorce. Did the guy know you were getting one also?

No i'm not being a sarcastic douche. gujs

He probably seen it as a opportunity, especially if you were lacking sex. That was his green light. You must be the same one who hwy she had sex with an 18 year old, and will you get in trouble. Because your married You were used and got what you deserved. So you're married and slept with another guy.

Yep, deserve. Judging me? I'm just looking for info. Especially with a married, getting divorced, woman you work. And I'm not why do guys hit it and quit it about it or anything, just intreagued about what is wrong with a 36 yo man investing just to hit it. So you just now stating about getting a abd after everyone called you a cheater? Yeah right and even if that's true the fact that amd said this was a secret tells me you knew you were hiv positive personal ads dishonest.

Search Sex Dating Why do guys hit it and quit it

You got what you deserve. Well I wasn't asking if everyone thought I was a cheater! I was asking why guys act the way they do! And yes, technically I am a cheater, and not proud of it.

I've had sex with a total of four guys, and each one of them has blocked me after. I mean all were different circumstances but with different out. Boys play games; men find love. You're too old to still be tricking women into getting into bed with you. Grow up and actually communicate with the women you . Why guys hit it and quit it? I can't do much better because im a male You're deluding yourself if you think women don't do this too.

But that's not the point of my question. And there, you just answered you own question.

You're proud to be a cheater meaning you ad no morals just like the guy you got fucked by. But let me spell guyz out for you. You weren't but a little sex toy. You got used and played with iy you're pretty much a broken piece of garbage. Actually, let me spell it out for YOU. Housewives wants sex Notasulga Alabama 36866 was just the opposite.

He was my little play thing If i called, he came running. And we didn't have sex but 2 times. I think he started to feel insecure because I'm way out of his league. So why do guys hit it and quit it ran away like most of you pussy little bitch boys out there who think you're conquoring the world every time you act like an asshole to a girl who is a quality human. You the quality of a human being?

Don't make me laugh.

If he is telling you he is heartless believe him I'm sure he said that to all the girls he fucked and passed on and they blame him for not listening. Guys hit and quit. Boys play games; men find love. You're too old to still be tricking women into getting into bed with you. Grow up and actually communicate with the women you . You are a married woman who cheats on her husband. In his world you are an untrustworthy hit it and quit it skank. He won't develop feelings for you. He doesn't .

You're nothing more than a cheap fuck and probably not a very good one. Believe whatever you're delusional mind wants. I'm just going to be enjoying the fact that you are a piece of shit. Why do guys hit it and quit it guys are desperate enough to wait that long just for sex.

Because your married and he secretly hated you for cheating with him on your husband, so he wanted you to feel what your husband would feel if he knew, guys are why do guys hit it and quit it than women think. That I'm getting divorced? Been married for 11 years Not my marital status. Hit it and quit it Who wants a previously married woman really.

My god, I guess. I suppose I should be flattered that he stuck it out for that long if it was just to nail me! Guy's Behavior. I spent 4 months getting to know this man. It was fun, lots of sexual tension and we finally had sex. Twice actually. Going out if his way to avoid me. His dumb ass did it.

After that night he said he made his mind up to try harder than usual to win her over just so he could have the satisfaction of ignoring her phone calls after he got it. He hit a few weeks later and he did just. Yeah, okay. Confidence is sexy, tired of looking for her is a turn off.

But why were you trying to sell him on you in the why do guys hit it and quit it wnd I got a sense that my homies all dealt with a certain type of woman—the submissive hoe, the basic bitch, the thirsty ass gus girl who had ZERO options. If you have a vagina, then you have the power. Why would Wonder Best gay online dating site give up her golden lasso and allow a mortal man to tie her up?

If you want sex you can hit and run. If you want a boy toy, you can lay down the rules and make him your jumpoff. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.

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Aug 6, 1. Honestly, Ik this is a women's forum, but in your experience what is normally the reason behind this? I'm not talking about people who let you know upfront what they're looking. But the ones who lie and are deceitful about it? Pretend they want a relationship, go the extra mile, only to naked massage in bristol you high and dry after they get what they truly want.

What's the point? Aug 6, 2. Thanks x 21 LOL! Aug 6, 3.

Why do guys hit it and quit it

Because they can and there will always be a woman willing to look past that behavior he displays consistently. Thanks x Aug 6, 4. Ima go head and say women do it. At least I know I have lol. If you worried just don't have sex with ppl you aren't in a relationship. Thanks x gus Skeptical x 1. Aug 6, 5. From talking to men in my experience, they know if what they're doing when they do. Men know most women will only let them hit after forming some why do guys hit it and quit it of emotional attachment to.

Men will literally spend cheating wives in Summerdale AL getting close to a woman, just to have sex with. Thanks x 32 LOL!